ROVA193 Rotacioni Vacuum Evaporator


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 Available with timer function to precise control processing.
 Chemical-resistant double PTFE system and patented pressure spring provide excellent sealing


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The rotary evaporator can be rotated under constant temperature and under negative pressure to form a film, and is condensed and recovered in the evaporation solvent. It is especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat sensitive materials. It is an important equipment for scientific research, pilot test and production in bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

 Easy to read large digital LCD screen displays heating temperature, rotation speed and timing
 High borosilicate glass and PTFE high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
 Digital display of both rotation speed and heating temperature allows for optimal control of all distillation processes
 5L heating bath with wide temperature range from room temperature to 180°C. Water/Oil heating mode can be changed only through a switch
 Overheating protection temperature at 220°C.
 Temperature Control 1ºC
 Speed range from 20 to 200 rpm.
 Heating bath with precise temperature control and adjustable safety circuit
 Condenser (cooling surface 1,700 cm²) with excellent cooling effect

 Motorized lift with quick-action, automatic release evaporating flask to top position in case of power failure.
 Collecting bottles with a discharge valve at the bottom, and recovering the solvent quickly
 Evaporating flask with an ejector, convenient to remove.
 The water bath pot is controlled by electronic constant temperature and can be lifted up or down.
 Available with timer function to precise control processing.
 Chemical-resistant double PTFE system and patented pressure spring provide excellent sealing
Evaporator type ROVA193 ROVA293 ROVA593 ROVA693 ROVA1093 ROVA2093 ROVA5093
Rotary Flask L 1 L 2L 5 L 6 L 10 L 20L 50L
Collection Flask L 0,5 L 1 L 3 L 3 L 5 L 10L 20L
Speed range (rpm) 10-140rpm 20-130rpm 20-110rpm
Display LCD, Speed, Temperature, Time
Heating Temperature Range Room temp. To 90°C  (water bath to 180°C)
Temperature Control Accuracy water: ±1℃ oil: ±3℃
Over Heating Bath Protection Yes at 220°C
Stroke Displacement Lift Automatic 0-150mm 0-160mm 0-190mm 0-180mm
Condenser Vertical double serpentine tube Vertical, main cold + sub-cool, high efficiency three return condenser
Condensation aria cm² 2.700  cm² Main cold 4.200cm² Deputy cold 2.200 Main cold 8.000 Deputy cold 3.900 Main cold 9.100 Deputy cold 5.200
Timer Yes
Timer Setting Range 1-999min
Evaporation capacity
Dimension [D*W*H] 465x467x583mm
Weight 15kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40°C
Max Vacuum Pa 399.9n (≤3mmHg)
Permissible Relative Humidity (max) 80%RH
Protection Class IP20
Temperature control mode Smart temperature control
Sensor type Pt100
Motorized Lift Yes
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Voltage/Frequency 220V 50/60Hz 380V 50/60Hz
Power KW 2,2Kw 2,2Kw 4,8 6,3 8,3
Outer dimension mm
Шифра производа: PRO3516-1 Категорија:

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