ALEM3000 Incubator Dry Block Thermo Shaker


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ALEM3000 Thermo Shaker Incubator RT+5°C to 105°C, 200-1500 RPM

TFT Touch screen

50 Program Procedure




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ALEM3000 Thermo shaker incubator is a comprehensive upgrade to the existing instruments. Superior temperature control, excellent mixing performance, and easy-to-use software ensure complete, reliable, and reproducible experimental results. With COLO series modules, it can meet your diverse experimental requirements.

ALEM3000C / ALEM3000 is an upgrade of the existing thermo shaker incubator operation mode. Different from the
common instrument parameter setting through membrane keys, ALEM3000C / ALEM3000 uses 4.3-inch color LCD screen
combined with the graphical operation interface to give users a better experience. Various program editing options,
such as shaking start time, cycle steps, heating rate, etc., help to find the best experimental conditions.
Convenient block replacement method, only need to flip the block handle to quickly replace. In addition, thermo lid
accessories with a magnetic port design can effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the test tube, avoid
changes in the concentration of reagents in the test tube caused by liquid evaporation and condensation, and ensure
the stability of the reaction conditions.

Model: ALEM3000
Type: Heating/Mixing
Temperature control range: RT-5 to 105C
Time setting: Dual time range up to 99 h 59 min / 99 min 59 s
Temp. control accuracy @20 °C-50 °C: ±0.5 °C
Temp. uniformity @20 °C-50 °C: ±0.5 °C
Display accuracy: 0.1 °C
Max heating speed: 5,5°C/min
Speed: 200-1500rpm
Mixing orbit: 3mm
Program number: 50
A single program can be divided into 5 steps
Cycle number: 99
Block identification function: Yes
Display: TFT 4.3 inch touch screen
Port: USB (program related); 4-pin plug (thermolid related)
Thermo lid: Yes – optional
Thermo lid Temp. range: RT. +5 °C~110 °C
Maximum power: 200 W
Over heating protection up to 150C
Net weight (including blocks): ≤ 9 Kg
Dimension (W×D×H) mm: 220×318×154
Optional accessories
MateB 0.5 mL – 24×0.5 mL tube
MateB 1.5 mL – 24×1.5 mL tube
MateB 2.0 mL – 24×2.0 mL tube
MateB 0.5 mL+1.5 mL – 15×0.5 mL+20×1.5 mL tube
MateB 5.0 mL – 8×5 mL tube
MateB 12 mm – 24×Φ12 mm tube
MateB Cryo – 24×1.5 mL / 2.0 mL cryovial
MateB 15 mL – 8×15 mL tube
MateB 50 mL – 4×50 mL tube
MateB Plate-1 – 96×0.2 mL microplate
MateB Plate-2 – 96×2 mL deepwell plate
MateB PCR 96 – 96×0.2 mL PCR plate
MateB PCR 384 – 384-well PCR plate
MateB DWP 500 – 96 / 500 µL deepwell plate
MateB DWP 1000 – 96 / 1,000 µL deepwell plate
MateB L-Lid – L-Lid transparent lid (low) is suitable for MateB 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL, 5 mL, Plate-1,
Plate-2, PCR96 and PCR384
MateB H-Lid – H-Lid transparent lid (high) is suitable for MateB DWP 500 / 1000
ThermoLid – Thermo lid

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