AAS7800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 190-900nm


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  • High-performance auto sampler conveniently and reliably improves laboratory efficiency
  • Intelligent COLO workstation

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  • The outstanding feature of this product is that multi-elements can be analyzed simultaneously. It is very suitable for analyzing multiple components in one sample. It uses similar analysis mode to that of ICP, but has the price of atomic absorption spectrophotometer. It can greatly increase analysis efficiency and save sample volume. Besides, this model, according to user’s demand, can also analyze one single component, working in the same mode as a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
    •Simultaneously analyze 4-6 elements within one minute (similar speed to ICP) AAS price while enjoy ICP function (multi-elements analysis simultaneously)
    •Fast analysis, similar to the speed of ICP, test result of multiple components come out simultaneously by one sampling
    •Freely combine the multiple elements according to the requires of analysis
    •Save sample volume for multiple components analysis
    •Rapid change of gas flow, grating rotation, slit and hollow cathode lamps
    •Unique optical design greatly increases the sensitivity in visible range
    •Excellent mechanical and optical system plus outstanding software ensure the measurement accuracy
    •Electronic control of flame gas flow
    •Closed & isolated optical system
    •Suspension type of optical platform design
    •Power control of graphite furnace temperature programming
    •Stack design of combined flame and graphite furnace makes the system compact, 10 seconds to complete flame/graphite furnace switch
    •High-performance auto sampler conveniently and reliably improves laboratory efficiency
    •Intelligent COLO workstation provides simple and easy-to-use user experience and laboratory standard requirements
    •Flame system: Air/Acetylene burner head: 100mm
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