0,1-2 µL Varijabilna Mikropipeta Nichipet EX PlusII

  • Unapredjena otpornost protov organskih rastvaraca.
  • PTFE presvucen usisnik za tecnost u pipeti.
  • Povecana UV otpornost.
  • Jednostavna kalibracija


Chemical Resistant Model of Nichipet Series

  • Advanced durability against organic solvent dispensing.
    PTFE ( Fluorine resin ) in the air tight chamber of the instrument.
    A Perfluoro rubber O-ring with low cubical expansion in the airtight parts.
    All models have plungers made in materials resistant to organic solvents.
  • Hyper Blower System; a longer push stroke from the second stop position, to improve dispensing efficiency. (2μL, 10μL)
  • Fully autoclavable. ( 121°C for 20 minutes )
  • Enhanced UV resistance for better use in UV hoods.
  • Easy-Calibration function provides simple lab calibration.
  • Ceramic plungers are used for volume models from 200μL to 10000μL.
  • The one-touch locking mechanism makes it easy to lock the sample volume.

Innovation in “Durability” and “Strength”

  • Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times.( 2μL – 200μL )
  • Nozzle top is highly abrasion tolerant. ( 2μL- 1000μL )
  • Non corrosive ceramic is used for the plunger ( 100μL – 10mL )

Innovation in “Stability” and “Precision”

  • Hyper Blower System, longer second-push stroke, improves dispensing efficiency. (2μL,10μL,20μL)
  • Easy-Calibration function provides simple lab calibration.
  • Hand temperature doesn’t permeate through the body of the pipette which works to avoid affecting volume measurement. ( Patented )

Innovation in “Fatigue-Free” and “Comfort”

  • New round shape of the Premium mitigates fatigue and stress from heavy workload.
  • Enlarged push button makes it easy to depress.
  • White body color mitigates reflection of room light.

* All features of Nichipet EXⅡ are available on Nichipet Premium.

Шифра производа: PRO3952-1 Категорија: Ознака:

Materials used for pipette body have high tolerance to solvents.
Non-grease designed. No need to worry about continuous autoclaving.

Easy calibration

Easy calibration with enclosed jig.


Ceramic plunger is used to prevent from corrosion by solvents.(200uL-10000uL)


Chemical-guard O-ring with minimum expansion ratio.

Resin-made ejector pipe

Resin material of ejector pipe could enhance high tolerance to solvents.

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