LACE-RITACUBA20 Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge



LACERITACUBA Laboratory Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge 


    In order to meet the needs of separation and sedimentation of low temperature samples, COLO has launched a desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge LACE-RITACUBA. The compact LACE-RITACUBA has the characteristics of reliable operation, ultra-low noise, high strength sealing, and fast cooling speed. And the rotor can be replaced according to the needs of different samples. The smallest centrifuge tube can reach 0.2 ml (4 * PCR plate)..
    • Micro controller and high torque and brushless motor provide stable operation and low noise
    • Short spin on button
    • Fast cooling speed, can be reduced from room temperature to 4°C in <15min
    • SOFT brake function to prevent re-suspension and protect sensitive samples
    • Improved system for opening the lid in case of power failure
    • A built-in condensate collection vessel reduces the risk of contamination
    • Microprocessor based technology, easy and direct operation interface
    • Stainless steel sample compartment with corrosion resistant coating
    • Free maintenance no contact drive rotation system
    • Imbalance detection safety system
    • It has various early warning functions such as over-speed, over temperature, unbalance, under-voltage and over-voltage, three-stages damping and shock absorption,
    • Special combination damping device, which makes the motor run safely and reliably, prevent the sample from vibration to achieve excellent centrifugal effect
    • Double system parameter settings – LCD Touch Screen and soft touch keypad
    • Different types of optional rotors available
    • Chamber temperature display and overheating alarm
    • After process of centrifugation is finished chamber cover lids can be opened by integrated button
    • The parameters can be changed during device operation
    • Pre cool option to adjust chamber temperature to the settings value
    • The bio-safety airtight angle rotor uses a silicone rubber integral seal (EU RoHS 2015/863) to avoid fully guarantee for the safety of the staff and laboratory environment
    • Special damping and shock absorption, which makes the motor run safely and reliably, and achieve excellent centrifugal effect
    • Cover lead shock absorber provide easy and smooth operation with sample





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    Gramma Libero Tehnika, Kumodraska 56, 11000 Beograd, Srbija




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